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The description of Survivor Girls: Zombie Killer (by GRAVITY NEOCYON, INC.)

South Korea has become the epicenter of the most horrifying zombie outbreak in the world.
What is needed now are brave and skilled girls who can defeat the zombies and
uncover the cause of this catastrophe.
From the Zombie Killer unit mobilized to combat zombies on the streets of Seoul,
choose one girl from the unique and strong-willed girl members to fight against the brutal
and terrifying zombie horde.

With the infinite potential of these girls, arm yourself and confront the ruthless and horrifying zombie army. As a member of the elite squad of girls created to find, track, and eliminate any threats from the zombies, you will roam the streets, subways, and alleys of Seoul, encountering unimaginable attacks from the zombies.
The enemies are so powerful that a wrong move could put your life in jeopardy!
You must find a way to survive this crisis.
But don’t worry, with powerful firepower, you can sweep them away.

Survivor Girls: Zombie Killer

Become the hero of a post-apocalyptic Earth and exterminate all the zombies.

Survivor Girls: Zombie Killer

– Save Seoul and the world with girls from around the globe!
– Face hordes of zombies all at once and annihilate them!
– Enjoy the thrill of sweeping away numerous zombies with simple one-handed controls.
– Experience the endless combo of the new roguelike genre!
– Acquire various skills and level up!
– Challenge and clear various difficulty levels to experience new stages!

Available: Google Play – US, BR, MX, etc…

Survivor Girls: Zombie Killer

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