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The description of Yes, Your Grace (by Noodlecake)

In this kingdom management RPG, petitioners will arrive in the throne room each turn to ask for your advice and assistance. Decide whether to help them with their problems, or to conserve resources for more important matters. Remember: supplies are limited, and not everyone has the kingdom’s best interests at heart…

Yes, Your Grace

– Listen to petitioners each turn and decide who needs your support.
– Aid your family with their personal problems and decide upon their fate.
– Hire Generals, Witches and Hunters to aid your efforts.
– Prepare for battle and make alliances by satisfying the whims of lords and kings.
– Follow the stories of the quirky and determined characters that visit your halls.

Yes, Your Grace
Yes, Your Grace

Yes, Your Grace tells a tale of Davern, a medieval kingdom ruled by King Eryk. The game is set in a fictional world where monsters and arcane practices inspired by Slavic folklore are the order of the day. Villagers will ask for your help with various problems, from monsters attacking the village to a lack of places to relax and enjoy themselves. Some will bring humour to your throne room and some will present you with difficult choices. Your family is important too, and throughout your time as King, you will have to support them in their struggles.

Yes, Your Grace
Yes, Your Grace

You will face lords with a variety of personalities; you will need their support in order to win an upcoming battle, but some may ask you to perform dirty deeds to cement the alliance. One thing is clear: It won’t be easy to keep everyone happy.

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Yes, Your Grace
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