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Official Launch

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Commander: World War 2 (by GoldenGod Games)

Take command and conquer the battlefield in Commander: World War II, the ultimate turn-based tactical game. Lead Allies or Axis, choose from 3 factions (USA, Germany, Soviet Union), and deploy your strategic skills. Experience the WWII thrill, directing infantry, tanks, planes, and naval units in intense, action-packed battles. Are you ready to emerge victorious in Commander: World War II?


Commander: World War 2
Commander: World War 2

World at War, you’re the leader in the campaign featuring various WWII operations. Engage in skirmish battles, customize map parameters, and challenge up to 7 other commanders.

Battle for supremacy with diverse factions
Choose from 3 unique factions: the USA, Germany, and the Soviet Union
Relive historic WWII battles
Recruit infantry, tanks, planes, and naval units for your mission
Secure locations for a steady income to recruit new units
Utilize terrain for strategic cover
Deploy specialized units to counter foes
Craft and edit custom maps in the Map Editor, shaping your battles.

Commander: World War 2
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