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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of CookieRun: Witch’s Castle (by Devsisters Corporation)

Welcome to CookieRun: Witch’s Castle. Get ready to dive into a cute and mysterious puzzle escapade!

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Clear dynamic tap-to-blast levels and explore the mysterious and enchanting Witch’s Castle. But watch out! Traces of the witch are everywhere, and dangers lurk around every corner! Team-up with the Cookies to explore and discover the secrets of the Witch’s Castle!

CookieRun: Witch’s Castle
CookieRun: Witch’s Castle

GingerBrave has escaped from the oven, only to discover he is trapped in a castle filled with magical oddities and terrible traces of the witch! Help in his quest to navigate through the castle and lend a helping hand to the denizens he meets along the way. Can you successfully aid GingerBrave in his quest to escape this deliciously spooky castle?!

CookieRun: Witch’s Castle
CookieRun: Witch’s Castle
CookieRun: Witch’s Castle

Puzzles with sweet, enjoyable tap-to-blast gameplay.
Immersive levels with powerful boosters and explosive combinations.
Blast away the blocks with strategy and amazing Cookie skills.
A freshly baked story of intrigue and mystery. Help the Cookies venture through the spooky Witch’s Castle!
Explore the mysterious castle and meet new Cookie friends!
Unveil empty rooms and decorate them with adorable and cozy decors!
Decorate and customize the castle in your own way!
Collect various Cookies, residents, and decors with a simple roll of the dice.

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CookieRun: Witch’s Castle
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