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The description of Verse of Valor (by JYSGaming)

Thank heavens, you’re finally awake. Now, I’ve got bad news and worse news.
The bad news is someone has broken the seal placed on the Demon Lord, and you need to repair it quickly to prevent his resurrection.
The worse news is your power was left inside the seal. You need to regain your strength as soon as possible.
Although the situation may seem dire, don’t worry. As you progress through the adventure, you will have the freedom to mix and match nine skills, creating a unique combat style of your own. Even in offline mode, the adventure continues, and re-entering this time loop will bring you abundant rewards. Now, let’s embark on this journey!

Idle Combat
Automated combos with over ten skills for you to choose from. Before battles, you can flexibly arrange your skills, creating combinations such as Bleed, Crit, and more. After consecutively releasing three Arcane skills, a Finisher will be triggered, using the ultimate skill to annihilate your enemies!

Verse of Valor

Non-linear level design—be cautious in choosing your next step! Even in the face of setbacks, there’s no need to fear. Change direction, strengthen yourself by finding chests first, and then turn back to face the challenges. In this perilous world, commence your legendary adventure.
Equipment Enhancement
Changing equipment means changing appearance! Swapping equipment isn’t just about numerical changes; the visual aspect changes too. Explore your preferred equipment by combining random attributes, complementing your skill style perfectly.

Verse of Valor

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