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The description of Valiant Ark (by SkyRise Digital Pte. Ltd.)

Valiant Ark tells the story of a post-apocalyptic world submerged in water. You play the role of a brave adventurer and the leader of a survivor settlement. Faced with swiftly deteriorating survival conditions, you must lead your people and other Heroes to explore unknown waters and find a way to resolve the tsunami crisis.

Explore the Waters
Explore a submerged world to find city ruins, seaside resorts, and abandoned factories.
Uncover secrets hidden in the waters by exploring unknown territories.

Valiant Ark

Island Adventure
Lead Heroes with different abilities to team up for adventures on unknown islands.
Challenge various mutants, harvest valuable survival resources, and lay the foundation for the settlement’s future development.

Valiant Ark

Hero Development
Uncover surviving talents after the apocalypse and assemble a formidable team of Heroes.
Identify each Hero’s unique abilities and skills to create strategic combos that can easily overcome all threats and crises!

Valiant Ark

Homeland Rebuild
Use the abundant resources obtained during adventures to bring hope and ensure survival for your people.
Learn advanced disaster prevention technology and knowledge from other regions, repair and upgrade settlement buildings, gradually creating an ideal homeland.

Valiant Ark

Are you prepared for the life-and-death struggle against the tsunami? In [Valiant Ark], bravely face the catastrophe and fight for survival!

Available: Google Play – US

Valiant Ark

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