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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Dookey Dash: Unclogged (by Faraway)

The viral endless runner is back — and now anyone can play! From the idiots who brought you Bored Ape Yacht Club and the OG Dookey Dash comes the much anticipated sequel, Dookey Dash: Unclogged. Jump into the exhilarating world of “Dookey Dash: Unclogged”, a whimsical journey through the most unpredictable sewers. As a proud successor to the iconic sewer dash saga, this game stands at the forefront of hyper-casual gaming, offering a fun, free to play adventure on your favorite Android device. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes, from a prize pool greater than $1,000,000 each season! Dookey Dash: Unclogged is not just your next game; it’s your next obsession. With its blend of competitive gameplay, customization, and community engagement, it promises an endless adventure not to get bored in.

“Dookey Dash is exactly what I want in an endless runner. The obstacles, music, and gameplay make it hard to stop chasing my new high score!” – @SquiddyNFT on X.com

YOUR MISSION: Race through the sewer with your customized diver and try to survive. The further you go while dodging crap and breaking through barriers, the more legendary prizes you can earn. How long can YOU survive the sewers?

Dookey Dash: Unclogged

DIVE DEEP INTO COMPETITIONS: Test your skills in a maze of obstacles, collect power-ups, and evade dangers to climb the leaderboard. Embrace the challenge of weekly and seasonal contests, unlocking your potential for golden rewards.

Dookey Dash: Unclogged

WEEKLY & SEASON PRIZES: Get on that leaderboard to win coins, Boosters, Golden Plungers, and potentially win stupid prizes from a prize pool totaling over $1 million each season.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR DRIVER & VEHICLE: Or import your own by connecting your Faraway account.

Dookey Dash: Unclogged

3 WAYS TO EARN: Create, curate, or share. Make and sell your own 3D models, curate and share your favorites, or do all of the above. Via the Faraway shop, creators can even sell their models to be used in thousand of experiences beyond Dookey Dash.

Dookey Dash: Unclogged

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