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Official Launch – iOS

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC | Steam

The description of UGWaifus: TCG Battle Arena CCG (by Jurval Corp)

Welcome to Underground Waifus: Dive into the Future of TCG multiplayer with PVP Battles. Play for free this CCG and battler card game and compete, achieve quests and earn free rewards!

The universe of Underground Waifus takes place in the future, corrupted by the scarcity of materials, money: stardust, and the desire for power. An eternal war between different races and more than 9 factions. The gameplay merges several themes: cyberpunk and manga/anime waifus cards based in a post-apocalyptic future.

Underground Waifus is more than just a TCG, CCG, or JJC. It’s the dawn of a new era of TCG web3 gaming. If you are tired of traditional Card PVP games, enjoy battling in a vast Battle Arena CCG with players worldwide.

UGWaifus: TCG Battle Arena CCG - NFT

One of the main sources of innovation is that it proposes a circular economy model that combines F2P (Free to Play) and P&E (play and earn) in that TCG (Trading Card Game), we’re shifting gears to warp speed!

Can you create a top deck-building strategy? There are several combat modes in this card F2P & P2E NFT collecting action game:

UGWaifus: TCG Battle Arena CCG - NFT

PVE CCG training available in the F2P/P2E mobile and PC version.
PVP Battler Card version with a game pass, winning player gets all.
PVP Player Battle Card Battler version of winning ELO will determine who is the winner of each SEASON.

UGWaifus: TCG Battle Arena CCG - NFT

That JJC trading card game is focused on a competitive side, with an easy player-driven economy: PVP (player vs player) battles game with no barriers to entry and hybrid F2P and P2E for all players!

UGWaifus: TCG Battle Arena CCG - NFT

FEATURES of an awesome CCG web3 game based on a TCG NFT game:

TCG & CCG Fusion: Enjoy the flavor of the card battles, both Trading Card Games and Collectible Card Games with an awesome deck builder.
Deck building Dynamics: Conquer all factions, strategy and deck builder here is that fun – but with cards!
NFT TCG Web3 Earning Games: Play and earn in the evolving world of web3, it’s not just a game, own your cards.

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UGWaifus: TCG Battle Arena CCG - NFT
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