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The description of Arcane Saga : Turn Based RPG (by YJM Games)

Combine diverse and captivating heroes to form your unique party, and engage in strategic battles that require careful planning!
Arcane Saga is a turn-based RPG where players collect 56 different heroes and over 100 types of equipment and spells.

56 Unique Heroes and Various Skill Combinations
Experience a turn-based strategic RPG with diverse hero decks. Enjoy the excitement of a collectible RPG and explore various strategic combinations.

Arcane Saga : Turn Based RPG

Strategic Battles Unfold with Randomly Generated Cards!
Build attribute cards and maximize effects by using them on matching heroes! Cards are limited, making choices a crucial part of your tactics.

Arcane Saga : Turn Based RPG

Real-time PvP where Victory Depends on Strategy
Engage in real-time PvP where every moment counts! Compete against actual players and showcase your skills in the ultimate turn-based strategic battle. Challenge your intellect and emerge victorious!

Arcane Saga : Turn Based RPG

Obtain Rewards and Grow Without Logging In
A growth system that allows progression even when not logged in. Experience the joy of growth without any pressure, as rewards accumulate during your absence.

Arcane Saga : Turn Based RPG

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