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The description of Train King Tycoon (by BoomBit Games)

All aboard for Transport King, where you can enjoy beautiful railroad dioramas in a realistic train simulation game!

Connect the US East coast with the West coast in 150 years of railroad history!

Train King Tycoon
Train King Tycoon
Train King Tycoon

• Immerse yourself in the game’s authentic diorama models, reminiscent of miniature workshop creations
• Collect a variety of detailed, realistic trains, including steam-based, diesel, and many more.
• Complete episodes, progress through various countries, and unlock idle mode for automated resource collection
• Build and manage your railway empire across various eras in the USA
• Guide trains through strategic routes, collecting resources and passengers along the way
• Expand your diorama, visit friends’ creations, and build a bustling home country
• Engage with lively NPCs and experience history inspired story events

Unlock achievements, customize your home, and dominate the world of trains!

Available: Google Play – US

Train King Tycoon

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