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The description of Food Fight TD: Tower Defense (by InnoGames)

Welcome to an intense tower defense experience and the absolute food mayhem!

Collect units, assemble a deck for base defense and get ready for a TD game full of action and crazyness.
Your mighty food heroes are ready for an epic challenge! Are you ready too?

Merge units and manage your energy carefully – devise a strategy around your deck’s strengths in defending against nasty invaders!

Conquer the opposition in PvP! – Break through the enemy’s squad defense, rank up and earn powerful trophies!

…but beware, fortune can be fickle in TD games! 
Stick to your strategy and win through cunning and intellect – that’s how you defeat even the best opponent!

Food Fight TD: Tower Defense

Don’t forget about heroes – each chef has unique recipes to offer… and they can easily change the outcome of your game!

Join a clan to earn unique benefits! Fight as one with your mates and succeed in both Co-Op and PvP!

Quests & Battle pass make your life easier and more interesting! Each completed step rewards you with useful items and valuable hero cards!

Food Fight TD: Tower Defense

Events bring even more variety to the base defense you’re used to – try them out to find out if you can master unique rules and beat the enemies in new scenarios!

Clash, conquer, win, prevail! Food Fight is a TD game like no other. Your food fighters await your command!

Available: Google Play – US, DE

Food Fight TD: Tower Defense

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