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The description of Throwing Hero (by YK GAME)

In the ancient world, there nestled a beautiful village called “Astaralia.” In this village lived a young man named Ike, who was inconspicuous among the locals. Unlike the other villagers who engaged in mundane farming activities, Ike made a living by crafting and throwing weapons, which made him stand out in the village.

Ike’s talent was not confined to weapon-making; he possessed an innate ability to communicate with animals. His friends were those sentient creatures he had rescued. Among them, his best friend was a young dragon named “Magewing,” whom he had saved during an adventure.

Throwing Hero
Throwing Hero
Throwing Hero

The tranquility of the village was shattered that day. Dark monsters invaded Astaralia, and the villagers were powerless to resist. But Ike, armed with his homemade weapons and his animal friends, bravely stood up. He resisted the darkness with his own strength, protecting his home.

Throwing Hero

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