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Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of The Last Defender (by YK GAME)

The Last Defender is a perfect combination of grass-cutting and checkpoint-based shooting Roguelike mobile game.

The game features exquisitely crafted levels, a variety of monster types, constantly changing skills, and combinations of equipment and gems, providing players with an enjoyable and diverse gaming experience, offering an unprecedented exhilarating Roguelike experience.

Mainline Chapter Gameplay
Players need to defend the frontline against enemy attacks, defeat enemies to gain experience and level up, constantly acquire new skills and buffs in the levels. Players engage in a battle of endurance with the monster legion, fighting until the last moment when the battlefield closes. If you are still standing there, you can pass the level.

The Last Defender

Equipment, Gem System
Players can obtain equipment and gems in chapters or chests, which can be worn in six equipment slots: helmet, armguard, clothes, pants, footwear, gloves. Low-quality equipment can be strengthened or upgraded to higher-quality equipment through equipment forging. There are five grades of gems: ordinary, fine, outstanding, perfect, legendary. Each piece of equipment can be embedded with five gems, each with different strengthening effects, helping players become stronger in the levels!

The Last Defender

Core System
In the intense battle against the monster legion, in addition to the strength improvement brought by equipment, the bonuses provided by core skills are also a great help. Players can upgrade core skills using blueprints obtained in the levels. Improving core skills will give players’ skills new additional abilities, making battles more manageable.

The Last Defender

Base System
Victory on the frontline battles cannot be achieved without support from the rear. In “The Last Defender,” we have established a base system, including a research institute for collecting monster information, a cafeteria for storing energy, a training hall for enhancing strength, and defensive lines, etc., to escort players in battles against the monster legion.

The Last Defender

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