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The description of Kingdom: The Blood (by ACTION SQUARE CO., LTD.)

Survive Joseon where zombies emerged!

It is an action game based on a popular TV series.
Zombie-infested Joseon, experience a fierce battle.

Threatening and scary zombie battle

Zombies suddenly appear, and they rush here and there.
Never confront them and run away when they’re running in droves!
To survive a zombie, you must nimbly avoid powerful biting attacks.

Various special attack patterns

In addition to zombies, there are enemies with unique movements and patterns.
Experience a thrilling taste through the new enemies every time you smash the difficulty level.

Kingdom: The Blood

The fun of control-based action

Meet the overwhelming and desperate action implemented in Unreal.
The thrilling hand taste felt by manual control and the different level of hitting increase immersion. Create your own action by combining various skills.

Kingdom: The Blood

From multi to PVP! Pouring battle mode

You can compete with other players in one-on-one battles, or you can join forces to defeat the overwhelming boss.
If you want to be strong, try training that allows you to earn extra. You can be as strong as you’ve experienced.

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Kingdom: The Blood
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