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The description of 新不良人国际版 (by HuanKun)

The sixth season of “The Bad Guys” exclusively authorized mobile game – “New Bad Guys International Edition” is officially launched! God’s way! Overbearing? It’s your turn to play this game!

The game revolves around the Taizong Longquan treasure hidden by an organization called “bad guys” who were engaged in detecting and catching robbers during the Tang Dynasty. In the game, Li Xingyun, Ji Ruxue, Lu Linxuan, Zhang Zifan and others are the main protagonists, showing a huge story of heroes gathering together, fighting swords, love and hate, and composing a romantic and glorious martial arts legend.

[Season 6 New Characters]
With various powers, beloved characters, and ups and downs of the plot, the game contains more than just the first five seasons! As the plot of the sixth season progresses, a new picture of conspiracies, overt and covert fights unfolds, and there are many plot Easter eggs waiting for you to discover! The content of the sixth season has also been updated in the game: the Mobei forces appear for the first time, the new delinquent handsome with domineering appearance, and more new costumes of the characters. Provide young heroes with a richer and new world of bad guys!


[No waste cards for all members, free to match]
Rely on the fetters of the camp, flexibly coordinate, use the “weak” to defeat the “strong”, use the “small” to gain the “big”, all the main players! Based on the plot, there is a rich secret skill system, multiple special weapons, and more mysterious Gu techniques to explore more possibilities of cultivation. The lineup combination for each battle is entirely up to you! Just think about the lineup based on the knights you already have.


[Auto chess battle with various genres]
Break through the crude numerical competition in traditional card battles, delve deeper into the original work, and use the character bonds and character camps in the traditional auto chess gameplay; 11 major camps and 8 major professions, derived from unlimited combinations, attack flow, and control flow , Sitting on the ground… By arranging troops, you can turn the tide on the ever-changing battlefield!


[Leisure and high welfare, relying on the brain but not the liver]
The content is not only auto chess, but also integrates auto chess, tower defense, strategic battles, card collection and development, etc. It has a variety of built-in mini-games with zero physical consumption. It can be used for both battles and leisure. Except for the main storyline of the first game, all battles can be skipped, and there is no need to wait for the battle; there is also an idle mode, a lot of equipment, and now there is a limited-time mysterious knight, waiting for you to get it!



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