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Official Launch

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Take The King! (by TyGAMES)

The august chessboard crumbles. The millennia-old battlefield, foundation of all laws, has been desecrated. Is the era of symmetrical confrontations over?

Take The King!

How to govern a crumbling kingdom? How to restore the balance of all things? First victim of this cataclysm, will the brave King be able to survive in his quest for great harmony?


Take the King! is a puzzle game based on the rules of chess, reimagined to offer original intellectual challenges. While your pieces move normally, the chessboard is anything but standard, and you have a variety of goals.

Take The King!
Take The King!

Help the King on his great quest.
Try to solve the dozens of puzzles the game offers you.
Complete secondary objectives to unlock bonuses.

Take The King!
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