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The description of SUPERKOLA TACTICS (by Carrieverse)


Find the class that’s right for you
At the start of the game, players determine their fighting style by choosing one of several classes. Choose from a variety of classes, including Sword Master, Wizard, and Ah, and engage in battle according to your preferred play style.

Boost up with skill cards
Strategy is important to win the game. Collect various skill cards and use them effectively to lead the battle. Additionally, you can upgrade your skill cards to further strengthen your character’s abilities.


Prove your strength in PvP mode
Prove your strength by competing against other players in the in-game PvP mode. Strategic use of skill cards and class selection are the keys to victory. Climb your ranking and become the best player.


SUPERKOLA TACTICS provides a unique RPG experience through a combination of characters and skill cards, and provides an opportunity to test your skills by competing against other players in PvP mode. Find your own fighting style and win the battle!

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