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Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Supergirls War (by 주식회사 아이톡시)

Minjeong, Eunbi, Jiwon, Gapju, Woohyun, Hyeonyoung, Dajeong, and Malsuk are eight celebrities in the game!
“Supergirls War”, an exhilarating real-time battle between real-life pretty girls

Humanity’s final weapon, “Supergirl,” emerged amidst the world’s scientific advancement.
Become their commander and win various battles!

A charming and unique character
Check out over 80 unique characters unique to Supergirls Wars!
Collect various characters to create your own powerful team!

Relationship buff system
By placing various characters and using relationship buffs,
Obtain additional effects beneficial to battle! Easier battle!

Supergirls War

Korea’s most luxurious voice actors
An emotional story that brings out 120% of Supergirl’s characteristics!
Increase your immersion through high-quality dubbing! UP!

Supergirls War

Fierce PvP arena between users!
Place a stronger character than your opponent
Achieve a high arena ranking!

Supergirls War

Content that you will never get tired of playing
Tower content that stimulates a sense of challenge!
Boss content to defeat by cooperating with friends!

Available: Google Play / App Store – South Korea

Official website

Supergirls War
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