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The description of Sunny Land (by Oleksii Latkov)

This is an engaging and meditative game where you need to make unconventional strategic and economic decisions, but do so gracefully, ecologically, and wisely!

Start as an investor in the tropical game Sunny Land, a city-building genre with elements of time management. Its goal: to build a sustainable tourist business in harmony with nature and oneself.

Sunny Land

You’ll be assisted by the enterprising partner Sabbie and the colorful island residents: hospitable Buunsie will treat you to garlic-spiced candies, sunny Som will sing a duet with a parrot about the benefits of bananas, and blogger Candy will organize a wild tour of the surroundings.

Sunny Land

Alongside them and their stories, develop your managerial skills starting from a small bungalow and unlock a full range of tourist facilities to suit any taste. Modern smart hotels, entertainment and leisure establishments, as well as replicas of real eco-resorts, are waiting for your investments!

Sunny Land

Key Features:
Complete more tourist orders, make their stay comfortable and memorable, and they will reward you with useful and diverse gifts!
Cleanse the sea from waste, recycle it in a special building, and initiate unique production from eco-friendly resources!
Master their principles by creating eco-materials and construct tourist facilities using them, taking into account new knowledge that will be useful in real life.
Each time, the original design and modern concepts of game structures will surprise you, immersing you in the atmosphere of innovative solutions. Keep playing to unlock the full range of rare buildings!
Quirky local residents with their tropical concerns will create a sunny mood with their amusing situations. And if at any moment you don’t understand what’s going on, it’s all part of Som’s plan, in cahoots with Buunsie’s cutlet!
Each new tourist has their own combination of characteristics and demands, just like in real life. Serve them well, and some will want to stay on the island to continue developing it with you, bringing additional bonuses and advancing new stories!
As an additional reward in addition to the gameplay, you’ll receive endless hours of warm, relaxing atmosphere with a green island, blue sea, and yellow sun!

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