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Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Three Kingdoms: Strategy MOBA (Welove Games)

Three Kingdoms Strategy MOBA is a new fast-paced real-time strategy mobile game with a 7-day cycle and a 100vs100 battle mode. Enjoy the fun of fast-paced strategy games. The game contains a large number of strategy MOBA elements.
Real battlefield! Fast national war! Adopting Chinese style, real art style, carefully designed combat and strategy gameplay.

Global Server
Global server, join the Three Kingdoms strategy battlefield with Three Kingdoms game enthusiasts from all over the world.

Fast-paced, season-based gameplay, 7 days per season, settle rankings, settle rewards, and give away season card pool after the season ends.

Personal ladder ranking
With the accumulation of the season, the rank continues to improve, civilians, county officials, prefects, governors, princes, emperors.

Team ladder ranking
Form your own team to fight and continuously improve the team’s rank, civilian squad, warrior squad, hero squad, main general corps, famous general corps, supreme army corps.

Development history
Development history, record the development status of all players, rank and reward based on the completion of the development progress, passionate competition.

Three Kingdoms: Strategy MOBA

Emperor’s perspective
Emperor’s perspective, holographic presentation, participate in the Three Kingdoms battle from the perspective of the emperor.

Intrigue and deception
Intrigue and deception, unification, separatism, sneak attacks, decisive battles, you will experience the essence of the Three Kingdoms era one by one.

Three Kingdoms: Strategy MOBA

100vs100 Passionate Team Battle
100vs100 Passionate Team Battle, in the torrent of the Three Kingdoms history, opportunities and dangers coexist, development is for team battles, and team battles are for better development.

Three Kingdoms: Strategy MOBA

MOBA-like map, after occupying a city, the city will send out expeditionary forces to assist in the battle, with three attack and defense routes on the left, middle, and right, perfectly integrating MOBA and war strategy.

Three Kingdoms: Strategy MOBA

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