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The description of Spirit Master – ตำนานภูตถังซาน (by VNGGames International)

Awaken the power of the Master Spirit and join the exciting battle in the Dooluo Dalu Land. Collect famous characters: Ting Shan, Xiao Wu, Tai Mu Bai, Ning Rong Rong, gather 7 strange people, go on an adventure to find martial spirits and evolve with your friends to reach the god level! To fight against the enemies from the Martial Spirit Sect.

Outstanding features
The story is realistic in the style of Doo Luo.
Soak up the atmosphere Famous characters and exciting stories in the world of Dooluo Dalu It’s like stepping into an anime. Meet many different stories, such as the battle of the Great Spirit Master. The battle of the 7 Strangers and also meeting characters from other institutions Chet Sombat Hall Haotian Sect

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Awaken the power of the master’s spirit
Hunting spirits Collect martial spirits in Qingdou Forest Challenge the serpents to find a 1,000,000 year old spirit ring. Giant Ape, Emerald Serpent Cow. and the killer whale king Develop yourself to the level of the royal name Brahmayut.

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An extremely exciting battle of martial spirits.
Participate in epic battles with master-class maneuvers and stunning skill effects. Real Time battles can be controlled from your fingertips. Whether it’s pressing a skill or dragging your character to dodge a skill, it’s easy to do!

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Evolve your character to god level.
Experience a new adventure with exciting character development in the world of Spirit Masters. Create a team and combine various battles to find the ultimate team to level up. Spirit of Brahmayut Royal name Brahmayut

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