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Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of オズの原罪 -Sin of OZ- (by viviON)

“The story of your journey to save the world as a coward, a liar, and a little kind, just a human.”

A picture book-like atmosphere combined with a slightly dark + doll world view.
Authentic 3 match puzzle game

Your name is “Oz” and you are a scammer.

You lie and claim to be a great wizard, even though you are just a human.
A lost girl who wants to return home is sent to the evil witch who rules this country.
If I can defeat him, I promise to use my magical powers to bring him home.

オズの原罪 -Sin of OZ-

The girl’s name is Dorothy.

The story is that Dorothy is unable to defeat the evil witch.
All life begins when it is transformed into a stuffed animal.
Now that the world has lost its color and each person’s “heart” has been lost,
He sets out on a journey to regain the title of “savior” that he once entrusted to a girl he didn’t know.

Together with the stuffed animals you believe in.

オズの原罪 -Sin of OZ-

Easy-to-operate 3 match puzzle
Connect 3 or more pieces of the same color and pass through various gimmicks!
Travel through thousands of stages with characters

Exploration (trip of memory)
An idle system where you can get items useful for puzzles by sending characters to expedition locations.
Sometimes the characters take “photos” and come back…?

Character development
“Character Stories” that dig into a character’s memories, “Transformation” that drastically changes their appearance, etc.
By solving puzzles with characters, hidden powers will be released!

Available: Google Play / App Store – JP

オズの原罪 -Sin of OZ-
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