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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Doom Z Day Chronicles: Shooter (by BARS interactive)

Welcome to the dark world of the apocalyptic space station Edelheim in Doom Z Day Chronicles – an exciting action-horror game that will make your heart skip a beat! This story will tell what happened before the events of the original Doom Z Day. The game works without the Internet!

Doom Z Day Chronicles: Shooter

You take control of a simple technician named Mitchell Zotov, who, along with a group of survivors, was trapped in the gloomy labyrinth of the station. Beasts and monsters are waiting for you at every turn, ready to pursue and destroy, so make sure that your nerves and weapons are at the limit of readiness!

Doom Z Day Chronicles: Shooter

Want to experience horror to the fullest? Doom Z Day Chronicles is the kind of game that will suck you in and won’t let go! Throw yourself into the dangerous spaces of the station, where every corner can be fraught with terrifying danger. Constantly be in suspense, ready to meet monsters that will hunt you from the dark.

Doom Z Day Chronicles: Shooter

Salvation is your only hope. Gather a group of survivors and fight the horrors of this space hell. Survive at all costs, shoot fast and accurately to repel monster attacks and save your life. Guide the group to the most mysterious corners of the station and uncover the sinister secrets that led to this disaster.

Doom Z Day Chronicles: Shooter

Doom Z Day Chronicles is the epitome of horror and horror mixed with addictive action and shooting. Fight monsters and fears, experience space survival in this atmospheric and spooky game.

The game Doom Z Day Chronicles is a top horror adventure game, which is understandable, with such and such functionality:
Simple and clear menu, without unnecessary bells and whistles, just everything you need;
Realistic 3D graphics – it’s scary, as if you personally wander in the dim compartments;
The option of super-character abilities, in addition to the standard pumping of health, defense and weapons;
The function of saving the game and loading from already completed levels;
Detailed map with a visual menu of found game bonuses and secrets;
Ability to select the level of difficulty – from the easiest to hardcore;
Convenient control – shoot without hesitation when the character captured the monster at the target;
Talented musical and sound accompaniment, from which the blood runs cold;
Works offline – play without internet!;
Genre combo – shooter, action, walker, horror;
One big station, explore it however you want!;
The game works offline!

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