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Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Shiba Wars – Goddess Defense (by Shibamaru)

A modern anime-style tower defense game without any gacha systems!
Collect tons of Goddesses and develop your own strategies for clearing 100s of unique hand-crafted stages.

Goddess Characters
Collect 26+ unique Goddesses that all have their own theme! Goddesses can be unlocked by clearing gameplay stages and also in the shop. You can directly pick your favorite characters without relying on gacha.

Unique stages
All stages are hand-drawn and have various themes & difficulties. Enemies gradually increase in difficulty and you’ll need to think about your team carefully before attempting end-game content.

Shiba Wars - Goddess Defense

Upgrade system
Level up your Goddesses and increase their power! For even further enhancements, you can Uncap your Goddess to gain strong bonuses.

СкриншотShiba Wars - Goddess Defense

Player-friendly progression
The game can be played at your own pace, and there aren’t any systems that require daily grinding. Once you perfectly clear a stage, you will be able to auto-complete it anytime with just 1 click! No daily chores, no endless grinding, just enjoyable content that revolves around collecting your favorite Goddesses, leveling them up, and developing your own unique strategies.

Collect goddesses and enjoy a new Tower Defense!

Shiba Wars - Goddess Defense

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