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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Detective: Shadows of Sin City (by Mystery World)

Ready to face the shadows of Sin City? Take on the role of Detective Michael Colt and dive into a world that’s not for the faint of heart. Crime, power, and the hidden alleys of Sin City come alive in thrilling episodes. You’ll be up against the notorious Black Dragon Triad – a journey that will test your guts and your brain.

Detective: Shadows of Sin City

Unravel complex crime scenes, investigate intriguing murder mystery cases, dig into the juicy backstory of each episode, and brace yourself for plenty of surprises! We’ve packed this game with clever puzzles that will keep players of all ages on their toes.

Got the chops to find crucial evidence and put these hardened criminals behind bars? Hit that download button and kick off your Sin City adventure!

Detective: Shadows of Sin City


Enjoy crime stories spun by top-notch writers!
Hunt for evidence using your sharp detective skills
Each episode builds up to a massive, mind-blowing puzzle!
Fancy yourself a puzzle whiz? Let’s see how you handle our brain-busters!
Experience the real deal with dialogue and police procedures based on extensive research
Episodes start easy, but brace yourself for a steep climb!

Your journey is powered by Badges of Insight. And here’s the best part – if you’re really good, you can play the whole game for free!

Whether you’re a fan of detective stories, crime thrillers, puzzle games, or simply love a good brain teaser, this game has something for you. A world of crime awaits – murders, dirty secrets, and Sin City’s notorious triad. Time to get your detective hat on!

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