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On the 11th of July, 2018, SEGA had released a statement of their filed lawsuit against MorningTec Japan for copyright infringement. The game that they were claiming for copyrights was MorningTec Japan’s Abyss Horizon which was recently released for both iOS and Android.

SEGA’s KanColle Arcade:

In the statement, SEGA and C2 stated that Abyss Horizon had infringed the copyrights of SEGA’s KanColle Arcade game that was released back in 2016. However, SEGA did acknowledge the value of content created over time. Thus, SEGA will be treating such cases more seriously in the future. But that doesn’t mean they’re dropping the case.

MorningTec Japan’s Abyss Horizon:

Abyss Horizon developer, MorningTec Japan, had also released a statement in response to the lawsuit from SEGA. In their official statement, MorningTec Japan believed that SEGA and C2 had no reason for their assertions as there were no evidence of any copyright infringement between SEGA’s KanColle Arcade and MorningTec Japan’s Abyss Horizon.

However, due to the law of provisional dismissal, the case will remain to exist and can be revived should there be any copyright infringment caught by SEGA upon MorningTec Japan. That would put them at a very precautious state for any future content with Abyss Horizon.

So what do you guys think? Are there any similarities between these games? Who did it better if there are in fact, similarities between these two games? I hope that MorningTec Japan will not have to resort to pulling out Abyss Horizon from the market as the game is widely popular among mobile gamers. You can check out Abyss Horizon that’s available in stores for both iOS and Android while you still can!

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28th June 2018




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