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Soft Launch – Android + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Secret Land Adventure (by SUPERBOX Inc)

A new continent has been discovered in a distant and uncharted territory.
Adventurers head to the New World with big dreams.

Let’s go to the new continent hot spot as soon as possible.

Full 4 Players Party Play!
Adventure is a party! Complete a full party of 4 players with 4 different classes!

Endless Unique Equipment Farming!
Get The Fun of Building Your Characters! Constantly Compare and Get Stronger Equipments.

Secret Land Adventure

Powerful Unique Skills!
A Party Armed with Unique Skills for Each Characters!
Destroy Enemies with a Single Blow!

Secret Land Adventure

Endless Content and Unlimited Growth!
Earn Rewards by Challenging Various Contents! Infinite Growth Through Characters, Equipment, Skills!

Secret Land Adventure

Team Work and Competition!
Gather All Your Power and Go to the World Boss and Guild system!
Compete With Other Players Through Rankings.

Offline Reward!
It’s Not Idle RPG If You Don’t Get Farming Reward Even While Offline!
You Can Feel The Fun of Growth Even if You Are Not in The Game.

Available: Google Play – PH

Secret Land Adventure

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