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Official Launch – Mobile – AM, EU + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Sea God Tale (by RHE LIMITED)

Welcome to Sea God Tale, a fantastic game that mixes elements of casual idle and western mythology! In the game, you will explore the mysterious ocean and the legendary western mythological world immersively.

In Sea God Tale, you will play a brave adventurer, carry exquisite and powerful equipment, explore the mysterious sea, fight with various mythical creatures, unravel the stories and mysteries behind the myths, and experience unprecedented Game fun.

Sea God Tale

Summon Massive Heroes
Over 200+ heroes with specific skills from 5 factions!

Sea God Tale

Auto-Battle Strategy WIN
No time to fight? Set up your heroes to train before you leave, and they’ll keep fighting while you’re offline!
You can easily collect idle rewards and resources without spending too much time every day.
Be an idler and enjoy unknown surprises and casual fun in the game!

Sea God Tale

More than an Idle Game
Challenge the infinite abyss, attack the emerald tower, forge powerful gears for your heroes, help friends defeat Bosses for special rewards, and enter various Raids for extra gains! More exciting contents are waiting for you to discover!

Sea God Tale

All in all, Sea God Tale is a fresh, fun and challenging game. It allows you to step into a colorful, charming, world-class gaming experience. We look forward to your joining and start this journey full of adventure and myth with us!

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