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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Rush! Knights (by Springcomes)

A new game from Kingdom Wars IP!
An idle RPG that grows automatically!

The Demon King’s seal has been released and the World Tree is under attack!
Gather the knights, seal the Demon King, and restore peace to the World Tree!
By producing and merging swords from an anvil imbued with the power of the World Tree, the knights become stronger.

Rush! Knights

·Easy and fast growth! Produce a sword and grow by storm!
·Unique dot graphics! Attractive dot graphics enhance your viewing experience!
·Various content! Content that never runs out, including trials, masteries, relics, barracks, and more!

Rush! Knights

·Calling the knights! Assemble knights with various concepts such as dealers, supports, and tanks!
·Large-scale battle! Completely wipe out the enemies coming in large numbers!
·Infinite growth just by leaving it alone! Even while you rest, the knights will continue to kill your enemies!
· Dungeon raid! Defeat various dungeons and obtain the best rewards!
·Endless rewards! Just logging in is full of great rewards!

Rush! Knights

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