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Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Rush defense: TD (by MiyoNet)

It’s time to attack! Upgrade your weapons; the top placement tower defense strategy game experience! Upgrade your skills and build towers to defeat the monster hordes that threaten you! Put on a good show for our audience!

Rush defense: TD

Lead your fearless, heroic sergeants and develop defense and attack strategies with different towers in the forest! Rain fire, command defenses, recruit fantasy warriors, elite soldiers, and epic heroes to defeat legendary monsters and save the kingdom in a gripping action adventure!

Rush defense: TD
Rush defense: TD

Earn resources and strengthen training. Click Upgrade. The new idle game lets you fight in the arena.
Watch out for enemies! Fight off bears, dragons and enemy bosses. Win or lose, this is the team you choose!

Rush defense: TD

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