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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of RPG オトナアルター (by KEMCO)

The mission of adults to protect girls
The fate of a “child” to be pampered by older sisters

A party of three people whose ages and personalities change,
Let’s go on an unforgettable adventure!

Alga is a young man whose father reigns as the world’s strongest.

He hates his father for not caring about his family, and trains every day to punch him once and for all.
In the process, the job “Soul Alter” was awakened,
A unique skill that changes the adult/child state of yourself and your companions.

Sometimes as a young man, sometimes as a boy
Facing great trials with friends…

RPG オトナアルター


Age and personality change
Main character: Alga
Although he has passionate feelings as an adult, he is a twisted person who cannot be honest.
When he is a child, he becomes an obedient and cute boy.
[Flame Scythe User: Miririka]
Although she looks young, she is a brash and foul-mouthed girl who has been reincarnated four times and has a wealth of life experience.
She always insults Alga, but in her adult state, she transforms into a gentle, neat and beautiful woman.
[Water Mage: Elsie]
A quiet and modest girl who lacks self-confidence.
When he becomes an adult due to his alter, he becomes active and bold, unlike his childish state.

RPG オトナアルター


Pixel art command battle
The change between adult and child with Alter is the most important during battle!

RPG オトナアルター

Adult state: Can unleash powerful skills, but fuel consumption is poor.
Child condition: Excellent support and good fuel efficiency
In Alter, the formation changes at the same time, so determining when it changes is the most important thing! Move strategically by making full use of a wide range of elements such as equipment and passive skills.

RPG オトナアルター


Expanding world
The vast field is also dotted with “puzzle-solving dungeons” and “detour dungeons.”

Explore the world of Adult Alter to the fullest, such as walking around collecting ingredients to cook, and accepting special quests only available to children.

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Available: Google Play / App Store – Japan

RPG オトナアルター
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