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Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Royal Guardians (by Mofish, Inc.)

Once upon a time, a prosperous and powerful kingdom was suddenly threatened by a dark force. The evil forces invaded the kingdom, destroying the land and endangering the people. The Royal Guard, a group of brave and skilled warriors, volunteered to fight the dark forces and protect the kingdom.

In the battle, you will need to use a team of five heroes with different classes to defeat the hordes of monsters that the dark forces have unleashed. You will need to constantly strengthen your team in order to face the powerful bosses at the end of each stage. You can also choose a captain for your team based on the characteristics of your heroes.

Royal Guardians

There are dozens of different heroes that you can summon, train, and evolve. By doing so, you can greatly increase your team’s fighting power and easily defeat your enemies. There are also multiple challenge modes of varying difficulty to test your team’s limits and earn generous rewards.

Royal Guardians
Royal Guardians

Download the game and join in Royal Guardians now! Fight bravely to defeat the dark forces and protect the kingdom’s honor!

Available: Google Play – KR

Royal Guardians

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