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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Rolling Egg (by Digital Conch)

Rolling Egg is a casual game that centers around egg-bouncing action with a unique twist. With its endearing art style and simple gameplay mechanics, Rolling Egg offers an engaging and entertaining game experience for players.

Game Features:

– Endearing Graphics
Immerse yourself in the playful world with adorable birds and a lighthearted atmosphere.

– Easy to Pick Up
Drag your finger to aim, adjust the trajectory, and shoot eggs at the oncoming monsters.

Rolling Egg

– Collect and Nurture Birds
Get new birds continuously by breaking an endless array of eggshells, each bird has its own skills. Upgrade, breakthrough, and evolve your birds to experience the thrill of growth!

Rolling Egg

– Strategic battles
Strategically combine your birds team and plan each of shots, create your own unique attack styles!

Rolling Egg

– Roguelike Endless Mode
A roguelike-inspired mode where you facing challenging waves of monsters. Accumulate enhancement effects and strive to live longer, set new records constantly.

Available: Google Play – US, CA, AU, etc…

Rolling Egg

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