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Roguelike-RPG • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Roguelike-RPG • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

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An awesome free action shooter game. It’s time to bust guts, kill and wreak explosive havoc — for free!

“Killing has never been so fun!”

A dungeon-like action shooting mobile game with roguelike elements. Players can randomly collect various unique weapons and props in the game, different guns have different effects, the same gun with different props will also have different effects;

Everything in the game is random, and the playability is very high, allowing you to have a different gaming experience every time!hurry up and enter the game for an adventure!

Dragon Slayer : Roguelike-RPG
Dragon Slayer : Roguelike-RPG

Legend has it that the ancient dragon built a temple, and anyone who can come here can realize their wishes.
Although very few people can find it here, legends about the temple have been circulating.
Until one day, three strange figures appeared in front of the temple.
No one knows what they want to achieve, and no one knows how to achieve it.
Wishes, seemingly beautiful, are not equal to hope.
Even if it is realized, the heavy price cannot be borne by extraordinary people.
And people are always addicted to the vanishing past, but do not cherish the present.
In the end, we can only watch the present become the past, and the cycle repeats in vain.

Dragon Slayer : Roguelike-RPG

When you can no longer have it, the only thing you can do is to make yourself not forget it.

Game Features
Multiple roles for you to choose;
Special gameplay challenges the limit;
Random drops to replace weapons;
Automatic aiming function, no longer afraid of handicap.
Easily kill enemies with traps;
Unlock Pet to keep you safe;
Hundreds of props, any two combinations may have unexpected effects;
You can use props to change the map shape;
Everything is random, every battle is a new challenge;
There are various types of props in the game, which will give players various buffs. The adaptation of buffs and weapons requires a sense of strategy;
It is worth mentioning that the game also has a teleport function. Clicking on the map can teleport to any room that the player has cleared.

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