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The description of Rocky’s Drag Racing (by R1.GAMES)

Rocky’s Drag Racing is a racing story about the confrontation between the main character Rocky and the corrupt villain Baron Le Front, who has taken over Rocky’s hometown. On the way to the final race in a skyscraper, our hero needs to gather a team of mechanics and defeat arrogant bosses. The “Black Limousines” gang has taken our hero’s relatives hostage, but Rocky, a former soldier, is not one to back down from powerful people. Help Rocky unite the family once again!

Rocky's Drag Racing

This is a top-level racing simulator! Races are based on realistic physics, and you will compete with several opponents at once on a straight road, changing lanes and dodging obstacles. This night adventure may bring police around the turns, eager to spoil the street racers’ race.

Rocky's Drag Racing

Squeeze every bit of performance out of your car by replacing the engine or turbine with more powerful ones. The mechanics team will help you swap the engine and improve its power. In the game, you will feel faster and faster with each upgrade.

Rocky's Drag Racing

Rocky’s Drag Racing features hundreds of familiar car brands, from sports cars to hyper cars, awaiting your selection. Some will need repair and restoration to achieve a unique level of perfection. Are you ready to become the owner of an elite car fleet?

Rocky's Drag Racing

Install Rocky’s Drag Racing and enjoy a realistic and well-crafted world of night racing in the drag racing genre!

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