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The description of Rock Kommander (by Wildcore Games)

Early access to the Rock Kommander world awaits! Manage your rock bands, connect with a passionate community, and experience exclusive collaborations with real bands!

Manage Your Rock Band:

Get ready to rock your way to the top in Rock Kommander! As the mastermind behind your rock bands, pick the right talent and turn them into global rockstars. Challenge other bands, compete in showdowns, and prove your band’s legendary status. Win battles, earn fans, and own the stage!

Meet Your Favorite Bands:

Rock Kommander takes collaboration to a new level by partnering with real rock and metal bands. A new band joins the game every month, bringing their unique style and music to the Rock Kommander family.

Exclusive Content:

Enjoy exclusive videos, interviews, and new song releases from your favorite bands.

Social Hubs:

Connect and collaborate with fellow rock and metal lovers. Form alliances, kickstart record labels, and be part of a social hub created just for you.

Rock Kommander

Rise Together:

Create record labels, share strategies, and celebrate victories with your community. Rock Kommander isn’t just about the game; it’s about the connections you make. Chat about anything, from favorite bands to life outside the game.

Stay Informed about the Rock World:

Never miss a beat with Rock Kommander. Stay updated on all things rock and metal, from the latest news to exclusive content within the game.

Rock Kommander

Limited Edition Merch:

Explore and own unique, limited edition band merch, available in the Rock Kommander Store.

Special Game Modes:

Amerikan Kaos: Dive into an exclusive game mode featuring Jeff Waters, known from the Annihilator debuting, his new band Amerikan Kaos! Beat the levels and unlock special content about the new album.

Rock Kommander


* Over 20 Unique Musicians

* Showdown Battles

* Rock News

* Social Hubs

* Monthly Band Collaborations

* Exclusive Band Merchandise

* Special Game Modes

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Rock Kommander

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