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The description of Rise of Titans (by RATING GAME)

The apocalypse has come. The seas rose up and engulfed the land, drowning civilization in its wake. One by one, cities were swept into the cold abyss, and the surviving humans faced extinction. Defiant of their fate, the remnants of civilization banded together and built giant sea-faring arks to seek a better future on the oceans.

Rise of Titans

In this water-covered world, a newly discovered energy source known as Aetherium became the focus of humanity. As humanity unravelled the secrets behind its mysterious appearance, they also developed Titans, giant humanoid mechs, to safeguard them from mutated monsters and hostile survivors.

Rise of Titans
Rise of Titans

For hearth and home, for a brighter future. Fight against all odds and prevail in this apocalyptic world.

Live on and fight against the looming threat of extinction. Let the world know that humanity will not go quietly into the night!

Available: Google Play – US, CA, PH, etc…

Rise of Titans

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