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Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Risdom(リズダム) -英語攻略リズムゲーム- (by Benesse Corporation)

Turn game time into study time
What is Risdom?
This is a new type of rhythm action game jointly developed by Sega XD and Benesse that allows you to acquire English skills from Eiken® level 5 to level 1 while enjoying rhythm games.
〇More than 96% of people improved their study time! (*1)
〇More than 90% of people felt the learning effect! (*2)

A system that combines “rhythm game” and “English learning”
By repeating the “rhythm game” and “English learning” for about 3 minutes each time, you can make repeated learning a habit. Have fun learning English while developing your character and aim for a high score!


A full-fledged rhythm game with original and famous songs
Including Rizdom’s original songs, it also includes popular songs that everyone knows!
*Additional items will be added sequentially through updates.


Effectively acquire English skills through full-fledged “English learning”
A complete curriculum from Eiken (R) 5th grade to 1st grade and TOEIC (R) 600 to 900 points level.
By asking questions many times at the “optimal timing” and “optimal question format” according to the forgetting curve, we will efficiently guide you to perfect retention.


Full of community features
We also have a friend function that players can enjoy together in the game!
You can share your “score”, “English proficiency”, “title”, etc.!

Official website

Official – X (Twitter)

Available: Google Play / App Store – JP

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