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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 천계 패러독스 (by DMMGAMES | NEOWIZ)

A highly strategic 3D tactics RPG that adventures with monsters!
Contrary to its cute appearance and easy operation, it sneaks through a variety of field gimmicks and crushes the ridiculous giant bosses!

Get new friends with monsters and inherit the characteristics of monsters!
Battle with monsters of rivals with monsters with original characteristics!

World view

The world created by the god of light-Edafoss.
“Ritual of revelation” to hear the voice of God
“The commandment of mortal sin” that describes the teachings
People lived according to two guidances.

천계 패러독스

However, as time goes by, the commandments become mere ghosts, revealing the depressed nature of human beings.
The negative emotions accumulated in the world, and finally they went out of control and caused various disasters.

천계 패러독스

An incident occurs in a revelation ritual that is open for salvation.
God named the innocent suckling child the “leader of the disaster.”
The unreasonable revelation turned the boy into an enemy.

천계 패러독스

Time goes by …
A girl with memory loss appears in front of him, who has grown up tough while carrying a strange fate.
In the wake of that encounter, he faced the “Tenkei” who tossed himself.

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천계 패러독스

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천계 패러독스
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