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The description of 雷索纳斯 (by Shanghai Leiyu Network Technology Co.,Ltd.)

“Resonas” is a unique and creative train management adventure RPG mobile game, which combines real-time card strategy combat and train simulation management gameplay. Players will play the role of a train conductor affiliated with the “Columba Chamber of Commerce”, using their own power to reconnect cities and regions and save the world in crisis.

As the train conductor of the “Columba Chamber of Commerce”, you will drive your own train “Infinity” through this world of imbalanced order.

Dear conductor, we finally meet

Board the Infinity and start your journey to Infinity!

Drive the Infinity and move forward at full speed

Driving the Infinity through “morphological pollution” and traveling through the beautiful scenery after the disaster,

Taking the train as the starting point, we connect the disordered world.


Novel home gameplay, fun management

Relax and enjoy the infinite number, decorate and build your mobile home,

Various entertainment and gameplay are waiting to be discovered.


Real-time card battle, thousands of combinations

Real-time card battles, free grouping and matching,

Thousands of in-depth combinations to create your own unique Build!


Travel between cities and meet companions

Exquisitely drawn by a highly popular two-dimensional painter, the vertical paintings are full of fashionable designs.

All characters in Live 2D, meet your companions and fight side by side!


Game Overview

“Resonas” is an RPG game that pays equal attention to real-time card battles and train management gameplay. Players will play the role of a train conductor of the “Columba Chamber of Commerce”, driving the train between Bonfire City on the railway loop, and delivering supplies to different areas. In a world full of unknowns, crew members with different camps, personalities, identities, and abilities will accompany you on the road to cope with the adventures and challenges on the journey.

World background

When an unknown object named “Earth” appears in the sky, all common sense changes. In a world of unbalanced order, conflicting and opposing camps, disorder and chaos spread in every corner of the city. Human beings fall asleep in the resonance and turn into inhuman things, indulging in dreams. In the reconstructed world, as a train conductor of the Columba Chamber of Commerce, where will you drive the train of hope that connects various Bonfire Cities?

SOLSTICE STUDIO is composed of a group of young people full of passion and ideals. Since the founding of the studio, we have had only one firm goal: to make a good game recognized by players. We have a production line-up of well-known painters, luxurious voice actors, senior planners and top-notch musicians. We always review our works from the perspective of players, hoping to present the best gaming experience to all players who look forward to and support us.

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