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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

Languages: Chinese

The description of 浮生忆玲珑-国际版 (by WISH INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED)

“The mystery is as lingering as it is, and I dream with you.”
You are a student who graduated from Linglong Academy. You were invited by your senior brother to come to Bianjing City to perform an undercover mission in disguise, and successfully defused an assassination operation at a critical moment. After that, you will continue to explore and solve various strange mysteries, and you will meet close friends and grow up together…

Game Features
Linglong Conspiracy: Mystery and Murder Chase
Under the prosperous scene of Dayin, there are undercurrents, both inside and outside. Behind the ever-occurring strange cases are hidden intrigues, ambitions, and treacherous circumstances… The mystery is ready to be woven, waiting for you to solve it!

Life is ever-changing and beauty has no limits
In the powerful face pinching system, you can use your imagination to make the face in your dreams come to life and create your own beauty. Fragrance and tenderness are beautiful, black hair and sharp eyebrows are also beautiful. The beauty of Dayin has infinite possibilities.


Cicada shirt, lin belt, brocade clothes and skirt
In Dayin, where you can dress freely, there are a large number of hairstyles, fashions, and special effects to choose from, allowing you to enjoy personalized customization from head to toe. It also has a meticulous dyeing function, allowing you to control the color palette and create a unique look!


Search for knowledge and sound, protect your heart
The beloved senior brother, the cheerful and open-minded wife, the gentle and indifferent Marquis, and the secretive county prince, four guardian characters with different personalities are waiting for your arrival to embark on a romantic journey with you. The story with them is just waiting for you to write it down…


Four seasons of beautiful scenery, elegance and ancient charm
In the vast and magnificent world, you can wander through the sea of ​​bright flowers in spring, the lush greenery in midsummer, the bleak red maples in late autumn, and the white snow in winter. You can also talk and interact with a large number of NPCs to trigger interesting and strange things… Dayin, the scenery here is boundless, and the friendship lasts forever.

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