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💡 Platform – Android, iOS, Steam, PC

The description of Lona – Realm of Colors (by SpaceFox Studio)

“Lona: Realm of Colors” is a point-and-click adventure in nature, focusing on art and narration instead of fetch puzzles and dialogue. Each level is an abstraction of Lona’s story, and it is up to you to bring peace and balance to her painting and find out what has happened to her.

Lona - Realm of Colors
Lona - Realm of Colors

Each level has two sides: a chaotic side represented by Ms. Schmidt the cat and a dark side represented by Mr. Ruppel the crow. You can switch between the two worlds at will and try to bring balance to these extreme interpretations of a single situation. You can use items from each side in the other, and everything you do might affect both worlds. There will be 14 unique scenes from Lona’s memory and paintings, each having two sides.

Lona – Realm of Colors (Lite) 👇

Lona - Realm of Colors

Lona – Realm of Colors – FULL 👇

Lona - Realm of Colors
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