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Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Rabbit Ninja Rumble (by 张定)

What would it be like if a rabbit traveled to the NINJA WORLD? To be a Rabbit Ninja! Collect epic gears, take on challenges, embark on adventures, and start your fantasy journey!

Resilient Frog, Billions of Beatings
Start with a Frog, beating it up yields divine gear explosions.
Endless hammering and beating, all thanks to it for forming the equipment.

Versatile Ninjutsu, Infinite Attribute
Master a hundred transformations in ninjutsu, capable of soaring through the sky and moving through the world.
Learn five attributes – metal, wood, water, fire, and earth – to reign supreme.

Rabbit Ninja Rumble

Multiple builds, Strategy Rules
Ninjutsu, attributes, equipment – strategically coordinate your choices.
Attack speed, lifesteal, critical hits, evasion… a variety of builds for you to freely choose.

Gather Powerful Companions, Capture Exotic Beasts
Powerful companions of various attributes like wind and fire assist you in conquering formidable bosses.
Countless rare and exotic beasts like the spirit crow and divine turtle – enhance and refine for greater strength.

Rabbit Ninja Rumble

Trials Await, be the Strongest
Tower of Mysteries, trials in sacred grounds – break through each bottleneck.
Rebel against rogue ninjas, engage in pinnacle duels – strive to be the strongest in the rabbit village.

Rabbit Ninja Rumble

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