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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Tank Conflict: PVP Blitz MMO (by Click.18 Mobile)

An exquisite tank shooting mobile game with next-generation style. Destroying your enemy’s tanks, defend your country and legion with glory.

Tank Conflict: PVP Blitz MMO
Tank Conflict: PVP Blitz MMO

Game Features

1. A world with different 3D tank attributes, different tank shapes and styles.
2. Beauty commanders of different styles, upgrade to unlock more battle help.
3. Immersive battle scene, flexible control shooting;
4. Start a fierce war and guard the glory of the legion;
5. Use abundant accessories to build the strongest tank corps;

With strategic tactics, you can also overcome powerful enemy troops!
Join us to experience the exciting and immersive World War of Tanks in Tank Conflict: PVP Blitz MMO.

Tank Conflict: PVP Blitz MMO

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