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The description of Grim Heroes: PvP Arena (by Brickworks Games Ltd)

Hardcore PvP extraction brawl set in the dark fantasy world of Grim Soul.

Venture into dark, ancient ruins, fight dangerous monsters and rival players on your quest for epic treasures. Collect as much loot as you can and escape before the dungeon’s curse dooms you to a fate darker than oblivion.


Engage in intense combat against 7 other adventurers in the dungeon’s depths. The action-packed fights demand both strategy and skill to secure victory and claim the coveted rewards in this battle royale.

Grim Heroes: PvP Arena


Empire legends tell about powerful artifacts. Embark on a hunt for game-changing gear scattered across the dungeon. Every finding could tip the battle in your favor. But tread carefully, defeat means losing everything you’ve scavenged! Survive as long as possible among terrifying zombies and other heroes.

Grim Heroes: PvP Arena


Assemble a team of brave heroes, each boasting unique weapons and abilities. Create the ultimate Epic Company in the plague-ravaged land of Lubenia, tackling the many battle royale challenges that lurk within the dungeon. In Grim Heroes, you can assemble your league of dark fantasy warriors, each wielding unique abilities and powers. Dive into heart-pounding, real-time PvP battles as you clash with opponents, aiming to dominate the PvP arena and rise to the top of the leaderboards.

Grim Heroes: PvP Arena


The dungeon is teeming with a ghastly array of monsters, from creeping zombies to formidable bosses. Master your PvP combat skills by attacking these relentless foes that stand between you and the treasure. Don’t do them a favor, survive and destroy them!

Dive into Grim Heroes online adventure, where each expedition contains intense challenge, fun, and thrilling excitement. Become the hero the Empire desperately needs! With regular updates and new content, Grim Heroes promises endless hours of addictive gameplay. Join the ranks of legendary warriors and prove your worth in this epic PvP Extraction fighting game.

Will you rise as the best Empire Hero in Lubenia? Go on your quest for glory now!

Available: Google Play – CA

Grim Heroes: PvP Arena

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