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Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Heatways: Post Nuclear RPG (by Pixel Tale Games)

Heat your ways up!

A series of natural disasters split the world.

Molten asphalt, moving sands, burned bog-woods, chloride rivers, highways buried underneath the shallow petrol seas.

Hostile creatures – mutant cockles, apparitions, victims and unfortunate experiments from the old days – old wars – stray under the red-hot gyre of a sun, which drives their minds off.

Heatways: Post Nuclear RPG

You’re in Heatways, wayfarer, with your purpose yet to intercept.

– Wayfare in the post natural disaster world, where each item makes sense for the narrative.

Heatways: Post Nuclear RPG

– Meet strongly written charismatic characters.

– Face foes in duel fights, a comic style.

Heatways: Post Nuclear RPG

– Get more Experienced through Quests and Text Encounters.

– Find Wayfare Signs and Learn to Fire Guns, Throw Booms, Zap Brains, Bowl Balls!

Heatways: Post Nuclear RPG

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