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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Pixel Overlord: 4096 Draws (by Happyfun)

Demon King Switches Jobs, Embarks on New Adventure!
Breaking news! The demon king has quit! He’s done! He’s switched jobs! He’s become a hero! Come and watch with the goddess as the demon king, now a hero, saves the world!

Pixel Overlord

Relaxed and casual, with Tons of Benefits
This relaxed game offers a super high standard of benefits! Free five-star characters, dynamic illustrations, and a funny story! The game is fun, and you don’t have to grind!

Pixel Overlord
Pixel Overlord

Free control, the Battle is up to You
Use your wisdom to defeat your opponents. Strategy is the most important thing! Remember: there is no strongest character, only the strongest player! Raising the bond between characters also has additional benefits!

Pixel Overlord
Pixel Overlord

Lots of Gameplay, to Help You Boost Power
Lots of limited-time mini-games give you a new and exciting experience! Go to the Dimension Cube for a prize, then go to the Hero Restaurant for a meal, and then go to the Forge to get a new weapon. Boosting your power is easy!

Available: Google Play – CA, PH, US, etc…

Pixel Overlord

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