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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Pixel Idle Adventure (by Starry Dome)

In this fantasy-filled continent, there exists a group of people called summoners. They do not need to go to the battlefield in person, but they have the mysterious power to command the heroes of the world. Some of these heroes were legendary generals who commanded troops on the battlefield, and some were The inheritors of ancient wisdom. They responded to the summoner’s call and fought side by side with their own stories and powers.

Retro pixels, dreaming back to childhood
Restore the innocent pixel world in your memory, the classic will never go out of style!

Play and stop anytime, relax and not worry
Quick and simple battles and growth, you can also earn profits offline. From now on, you can no longer be a wage earner, but have a good game and life!

Pixel Idle Adventure

Massive heroes, free to match
More than 100 unique heroes to form your strongest lineup. Push flat all the way, pointing straight to the high ground!

Pixel Idle Adventure

Hot-blooded gladiatorial battle and impact on the ladder
Who is the version answer? Compete with summoners from all servers on the ladder to get generous season rewards!

Pixel Idle Adventure

Super high welfare to save African chieftains
Register and get 5,000 draws, and even legendary summoning coupons will be given when you sign in. Non-Chiefs also have a bright future!

Available: Google Play – PH, SG, MY

Pixel Idle Adventure

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