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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 工匠物語3-合成與魔法 (by Glaciwaker Entertainment)

Multiplayer online play
-Interact and trade with other players instantly.

-Players can synthesize weapons, equipment, potions, etc. Go collect all the recipes!

Multi-role system
-In addition to the protagonist magician, other characters can also be recruited for skill combinations.


Set up a stall
-You can really set up a stall this time! Trade with other players under the free market mechanism.


New adventure story
-Rich mission plots to unlock the stories behind different characters one by one.


Pet system
-Assist players in combat and no longer be alone on the journey.


Skill system
-Each character has up to 20 different skills, which can be matched with points to create the strongest combination!

Available: Google Play – CN, TW, HK, MO / App Store – US, CA, SG, TW, MO, HK

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