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Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Party Heroes (by MPEAKGAMES)

Collect unique Heroes in this strategy RPG!

Collect them all!
Collect the unique heroes!
All the heroes have their own powerful skills.

Party Heroes

All you have to do is to come online for great rewards!
It won’t take long for your Heroes to become stronger!

Party Heroes

There are many ways to improve your Heroes: Common Equipment, Exclusive Equipment, Spirit Stones, Stat Trees, and more!
Improve your Heroes the way you want!

Party Heroes

Learn to use various stats like positions and attributes.
Use heroes together, make them use their skills the way you want,
and make your Heroes fight well!

Party Heroes

Use the perfect combination of your Heroes for PVP battles.
Fight powerful rivals, win, and get stronger!

Available: Google Play – RU

Party Heroes

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